magma reservoir

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Glossary of volcanic terms. - University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. . 2001.

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  • magma — ALASKA VOLCANO OBSERVATORY GLOSSARY Molten rock beneath the Earth s surface. GLOSSARY OF VOLCANIC TERMS A term used to describe subsurface molten rock (Jeanloz, 2000, p. 41). Magmas are generally considered to be silicate melts (Grove, 2000, p.… …   Glossary of volcanic terms

  • Réservoir de magma — Chambre magmatique Une chambre magmatique (moins courant : poche magmatique) est une vaste zone sous terre, présente dans la lithosphère contenant du magma (=roche en fusion). Le magma provient de la fusion de roches plus profondes et… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • magma chamber — /ˈmægmə tʃeɪmbə/ (say magmuh chaymbuh) noun a reservoir of magma which is under great pressure and which may eventually force its way up to the surface of the earth through a rock fracture to create a volcano …   Australian English dictionary

  • Chambre ou réservoir magmatique — ● Chambre ou réservoir magmatique lieu où séjourne un magma …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Mono–Inyo Craters — Coordinates: 37°53′N 119°0′W / 37.883°N 119°W / 37.883; 119 …   Wikipedia

  • caldera — ALASKA VOLCANO OBSERVATORY GLOSSARY A large crater formed by collapse or subsidence of the ground surface following a great eruption. During a typical caldera forming eruption, the magma chamber is partially emptied and large amounts of ash and… …   Glossary of volcanic terms

  • Igneous rock — Geologic provinces of the world (USGS)   Shield …   Wikipedia

  • Volcanism on Mars — Mariner 9 image of Olympus Mons[1]. This is one of the first images to show that Mars has large volcanoes. Volcanic activity, or volcanism, has played a significant role in the geologic evolution of Mars.[ …   Wikipedia

  • Hydrothermal explosion — A hydrothermal explosion is the process in which water rapidly converts from its liquid to boiling state causing an explosion. Hydrothermal explosion activity drives geothermal activities such as geysers.Cause of explosionWater usually boils at… …   Wikipedia

  • Mount Merapi — This article is about Mount Merapi in Central Java. For detailed information on the 2010 eruptions please, see 2010 eruptions of Mount Merapi. For Mount Merapi in West Sumatra, see Mount Marapi. Mount Merapi Gunung Merapi …   Wikipedia

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